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Trump appears in hush money case while DA Fani Willis answers misconduct allegations

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New York hearings: Trump impeachment rejected

Judge Merchan began the process by denying Trump’s motion to dismiss the charges.

New York court: Judge Merchan takes the bench

Judge Juan Mercan sat on the bench.

Georgia court: Judge orders witness not to watch live court broadcasts

Judge McAfee says witnesses should wait outside and avoid watching live feeds.

New York hearing: Trump tells cameras he ‘must be in South Carolina right now’

Speaking to cameras outside the courtroom, Trump criticized the prosecution, saying “this is not a crime” and the case “could have been brought three years ago.”

He reiterated his claims that the indictment was politically motivated and criticized the timing of the trial in the original season, saying, “how can you run for office and sit in a Manhattan courthouse all day?” and “I should be in South Carolina right now.”

Former President Donald Trump speaks as he arrives at Manhattan Criminal Court on February 15, 2024.
Former President Donald Trump speaks as he arrives at Manhattan Criminal Court this morning.Angela Weiss / AFP – Getty Images

Hearing in New York: Trump arrived in the courtroom

Trump entered the courtroom around 9:30 am

Georgia session: The court session is held

Court is in session and Judge Scott McAfee is on the bench.

Georgia hearings: Former Atlanta mayor Shirley Franklin attends hearings

Former Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin is also sitting here with the DA team. She took to Instagram last week in support of Willis.

Former Trump campaign staffer Harrison Floyd, a defendant in the case, entered the courtroom and sat next to Franklin. “I didn’t know they let supermodels in here,” she said.

Georgia auditions: Nathan Wade and Fani Willis’ teams arrive

David Schaefer, one of Trump’s co-defendants in the case, is here with his lawyer, Craig Gillen. They sit at the defense table with Ashleigh Merchant and her husband John.

Nathan Wade and the DA team just arrived. Bill Cromwell, representing another of the defendants, sits across from me and tells me that the first witness is up to the judge. But the lawyers would like to call Wade first.

New York hearings: Trump has previously made harsh remarks against a member of the prosecution team

The prosecution table includes Susan Hoffinger, Chris Conroy, Matt Colangelo, Rebecca Mangold and Josh Steinglass.

The former president attacked Colangelo because he came from the Justice Department in the past and previously worked with Bragg.

Steinglass is a respected trial attorney who was brought on to the team that tried the Trump Organization criminal tax fraud case in the fall of 2022 and remains part of the Trump investigative team.

New York hearing: The prosecutor involved in the Harvey Weinstein case is on trial

Prosecutor Steven Wu sits in the front row. He argued yesterday in the Court of Appeals in Albany, New York, against Harvey Weinstein, who is seeking to overturn his sexual assault conviction. Weinstein remains in jail in upstate New York.

Hearing in New York: DA Bragg is in the courtroom

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg entered the courtroom. He sits in the public gallery with his team.

Hearing in New York: Trump is in the courthouse

Trump arrived at the courthouse in lower Manhattan and entered the building a few minutes ago, an official outside the court said.

Hearing in New York: Security measures have been tightened at the courthouse

Journalists lined the night in frigid temperatures to get a seat in the courtroom for this historic event, the first criminal prosecution of a former president.

Trump will enter the courthouse, the district attorney’s office on Hogan Place, where he came to stand trial last April.

Security is tight both outside and inside the courthouse, with everyone passing through two sets of magnetometers before entering the courtroom on the 15th floor of the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse.

Trump wasn’t supposed to be here today after being denied a speech by Judge Juan Mercan, but the former president chose to come.

The lawsuit involves money Trump gave to adult film actress Stormi Daniels to cover up an extramarital affair during the 2016 election, which prosecutors say was an illegal campaign contribution. Trump’s lawyers say there was nothing illegal about the payment.

Hearing in New York: Trump heads to the courthouse

Witnesses told NBC News that Trump had just left Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan and was headed to the courthouse in lower Manhattan.

Former President Donald Trump waves as he leaves Trump Tower on his way to the New York Supreme Court on February 15, 2024 in New York City.
Former President Donald Trump has left Trump Tower.Yuki Iwamura / AFP – Getty Images

Georgia court: Judge says ‘possible’ DA Fannie Willis could be disqualified

ATLANTA – A Georgia judge presiding over the trial election interference The case against former President Donald Trump on Monday gave the green light to a hearing on allegations of wrongdoing against Fulton County District Attorney Fanny Willis, who said it was “possible” that she could be fired.

Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee said in a hearing that he denied Willis’ motion. to subpoena his testimony At Thursday’s meeting, at least for now.

“Disqualification can occur if evidence is produced that demonstrates an actual conflict or the appearance of one,” he said. One of Trump’s co-defendants in the election case, Michael Roman, alleged that there was an “unsavory personal relationship” between Willis and prosecutor Nathan Wade.

“It’s no longer a matter of complete speculation,” McAfee said. “The the state admitted there was a connectionand thus what must be proved is the existence and extent of any financial benefit, if any.

“I believe that because I think the facts alleged by the defendant could result in disqualification, I think an evidentiary hearing should be held to take the record on these underlying allegations,” he said.

Read the full story here

A little more than a week before South Carolina’s Republican primary, Donald Trump is expected to return to Manhattan as a judge decides whether the former president should stand trial next month. Prosecutors accuse him of examining his company’s books to suppress evidence of an alleged affair ahead of the 2016 election. NBC’s Laura Jarrett reports for “TODAY.”

New York hearing: The hush money affair is the first time a former president has faced criminal charges

A grand jury in New York voted in March 2023 accuses Donald Trump – for the first time a Former President of the United States faced with a criminal case.

The historic indictment comes in a case based on a $130,000 payment to an adult movie star. Stormy Daniels In the final days of the 2016 presidential campaign. Daniels claimed she slept with the married Trump in 2006, a claim he denied. Trump classified the payment as a legal expense.

Trump pleaded not guilty to all 34 charges.

Read highlights from the Manhattan trial here.

New York hearing: Trump will attend a hush money hearing in New York on Thursday

Former president Donald Trump He will attend a hearing in New York on Thursday that is expected to determine a timetable for the hush money case against him, his lawyer said on Tuesday. He will also address Trump’s motions to recuse himself at a hearing Thursday before New York Judge Juan Merca. , likely to form the first felony prosecution against the former president. Last year, the judge decided that the trial would begin on March 25 that date seemed in the air because of the charges Trump faces in the federal election meddling case.

In New York, Trump faces 34 felony counts of falsifying business records related to hush money paid to adult film star Stormi Daniels during his 2016 presidential bid. He pleaded not guilty to the announced charge.

Read the full story here.

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