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Graffiti towers are stretching resources, LAPD says after BASE jumping stunt

By 37ci3 Feb14,2024

“It’s extremely dangerous to have people in that building,” Bass said NBC 4 LA. “If that place isn’t cleaned up soon, I guarantee it’s going to be a disaster.”

The towers are monitored by 24-hour police patrols after it turned out to be 30 stories tall. covered in graffitiAbout 18 people have been arrested there since February 1.

Construction on the towers began in 2015, but by 2018, the money ran out and construction halted in 2019 after the developer quit. This was reported by NBC 4 LA.

“We think, unfortunately, it has become a landmark for graffiti and nefarious acts,” Moore said, referring to the graffiti. He added that some of those arrested are from outside the city.

Moore said the owner of the tower is bankrupt, but efforts are ongoing to pay for additional police costs.

Next week, the Los Angeles City Council will consider a proposal to spend $3 million to install a new fence, clean up trash and possibly hire private security guards to ease the pressure on the police force.

Councilman Kevin De Leon, who represents the district and introduced the proposal, told NBC 4 LA that he tried to contact the China-based developer via phone, email and social media but was unable to make contact.

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