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Democrat Tom Suozzi wins N.Y. special election to replace George Santos

By 37ci3 Feb14,2024

Woodbury, NY – Former Democratic Rep. Directed by Tom Suozzi Back to Congress He will take the seat after winning the special election in New York’s 3rd District former GOP Rep. George SantosNBC News projects.

Suozzi’s victory over Republican Mazi Philip on Tuesday reduced Republicans’ already razor-thin House majority by one seat and made it more difficult to advance the legislation. And it could be a guide for Democrats running in similarly competitive districts this fall, especially when it comes down to it manages his political weaknesses on immigration and border security.

It may have helped the former congressman winter storm Democrats swept the New York City area on Tuesday as they took an early lead in early voting. But his victory also came on the back of name recognition and some inside fundraising advantages as a former congressman from the district, and Democrats outnumbering Republicans on the airwaves.

“He has the same values ​​that I have – to get things done, but consider the people in need. And he represents the majority of the middle class,” said Jeanne DeChiaro, who voted for Suozzi in Syosset, adding that his biggest issues are abortion, immigration, the economy and his “ability to be bipartisan.”

Suozzi voter Linda Karpe said the roads on Long Island were “horrendous” on the way to the polling booth, with “cars whizzing all over the place.”

“I think my son wants my inheritance because he told me, ‘I better drive, Mom,'” Carpe joked. “It was really bad.”

Although President Joe Biden won Long Island by 8 percentage points Calculations from Daily Kos Elections, Republicans have since made gains in the area. In 2022, Santos won this open spot by 8 points, but he He was expelled from Congress followed by December indictment on federal charges and a damning Ethics Committee report It alleged that Santos violated multiple federal laws and misused campaign funds. (Santos has pleaded not guilty and will appear in court in September).

The result is a blow to the Nassau County GOP, which has been buoyed by a string of victories in recent years amid a backlash against Democratic-controlled New York City and Albany. Before Santos was ousted, Republicans represented every congressional district on Long Island.

It’s also bad news for House Republicans even fought to pass partisan laws. Once Suozzi is sworn in, they will face greater pressure to compromise with Democrats to advance legislation.

While TV ads in the race have focused mostly on immigration and abortion, the House Majority PAC has launched a Democratic super PAC. an advertisement in recent days, he has linked Philip to Santos, describing him as an “ethical nightmare” and raising questions about his finances. His campaign spokesman, Brian Devine He told the “New York Times” newspaper he submitted an amended financial disclosure report because “the initial draft … was accidentally submitted before final review by Mazin’s financial team.”

Santos’ ouster set off a sprint to the special election and Democrats Suozzi quickly united around him As a candidate to represent the district from 2017 to 2023 after serving as Nassau County executive and mayor of Glen Cove.

Suozzi did not run for re-election last year, instead running unsuccessfully for governor in a tight primary race against Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul. According to a source familiar with the meeting, Suozzi met with Hochul before running in Tuesday’s contest, where he apologized and Hochul pressed him on the road to victory and his support for abortion rights.

In the short special election, Suozzi faced numerous attack ads on immigration, which Republicans saw as a key issue for voters watching an election. migrant flow hit neighboring New York City. He quickly responded with his own TV commercials, highlighting his support The doomed bilateral border agreementwhich Philip opposed.

Democrats also seized on the abortion issue, with outside groups running ads featuring footage of Philip describing himself as “pro-life.” While Philip said he would not support a national abortion ban, he declined to say whether he would vote to protect abortion rights at the federal level.

Suozzi also stressed his strong support for Israel in a region with a large Jewish population amid the country’s ongoing war with Hamas. Philip also emphasized his Jewish faith and serving in the Israel Defense Forces after moving to the country from Ethiopia as a child.

Suozzi and Philip may meet again in November. Both candidates have committed to run for the full term. But district lines may change in the ongoing redistricting process. State redistribution commission Congress has until February 28 to draw a new mapand the state GOP has vowed to challenge him if the party sees him as a partisan gerrymander.

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