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What happens now that Trump has gone to the Supreme Court in his immunity fight

By 37ci3 Feb13,2024

This could potentially delay things and create more uncertainty around the final trial date, depending on how quickly the court agrees to hear oral arguments and then rule.

Do Trump’s bidding

The court may decide to rule on Trump’s request without oral arguments and simply grant a delay.

If that happens, the court will issue a brief written decision granting Trump’s request. Usually, it would explain the circumstances under which the break ended.

Normally, such an order would have given Trump time to appeal the lower court’s decision, which could take months to resolve.

If the court goes this way, there may be disagreements.

Reject Trump’s request

If the court decides to deny Trump’s request for an adjournment, the case will go back to US District Judge Tanya Chutka.

But the trial will not start immediately.

The judge still has to take into account all the time the case has been effectively suspended since early December and give both sides time to prepare for trial.

Even if the Supreme Court refuses to grant Trump’s request immediately and he goes to trial, he could still later challenge his prosecution of the president’s immunity.

Immediately rule against Trump

Some legal commentators believe that because this is inherently unusual, a court may take the rare step of simply entering a judgment to uphold an appellate court decision without hearing oral arguments or requiring further briefing.

Such a conclusion would be based on the theory that even if the justices thought the appellate court’s decision was correct, the Supreme Court should focus on the legal issue because of its national importance.

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