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Biden addresses special counsel report with House Democrats

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LEESBURG, Va. – President Joe Biden, speaking at the Democratic meeting of the House of Representatives, addressed a special counsel who decided not to indict him for working with classified documents and declared that “this matter is now closed.”

“I’m glad to see them come to the conclusion I’ve always known: There are no charges in this case,” Biden said at the House Democrats’ annual policy rally in the northern Virginia resort of Lansdowne.

“Now this matter is closed. I will continue to do what I always do: mind my business,” he said.

The president’s remarks to a packed ballroom of House Democratic lawmakers and staff came less than two hours after the special counsel. Robert Hur He released a long-awaited report on his investigation into Biden’s handling of classified material. While Hur did not indict Biden, his report said Biden’s practices “created serious national security risks” and that Biden presented himself as an “elderly man with failing memory.”

Addressing the Democrats, Biden said that the investigation lasted more than 40 years until he became a senator: “I was a child. I was a child at the age of 29.” And he said he was interviewed by Hur’s team shortly after, during a stressful period Hamas attack on Israel on October 7.

“The special prosecutor admitted that I cooperated fully. I didn’t throw any roadblocks. I didn’t want any delay. In fact, I was determined to get them the specific advice they needed,” Biden told the room. “Last year on October 9th – the 8th and 9th – I gave a five-hour interview in person over two days, even though Israel was attacked by Hamas on the 7th.”

“I was in the middle of an international crisis. But I was especially pleased to see the special counsel clarify the stark differences between Donald Trump, who is facing charges in the unrelated classified documents case.

Turning to the 2024 election stake from the Hur report, Biden rallied Democrats trying to win the handful of seats needed to take control of the House majority this fall. He praised them for coming together this week to defeat the GOP impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and an Israel-only aid package that did not include money for the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, Taiwan and Gaza.

“All of this shows that when we come together, we can beat House Republicans at their cynical political game,” Biden said.

Senate GOP leaders, meanwhile, went away This week’s departure from a bipartisan asylum and border deal, which they helped negotiate, gave Democrats an opening to go on the offensive on a typically boring campaign issue.

“This week’s events have proven once again that there is a clear divide between House Democrats and our extreme MAGA Republican colleagues,” Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries of New York said at the retreat. “House Democrats will continue to choose common-sense solutions on behalf of hardworking American families. “House Republicans continue to choose chaos.”

With the Hur report highlighting 81-year-old Biden’s memory lapses, the president sought reassurance Thursday. disturbing concerns about his advanced age, suitability for office and poor poll numbers that risk dragging congressional Democrats down.

Biden during campaign events on Wednesday mentioned twice Germany’s late Chancellor Helmut Kohl rather than former Chancellor Angela Merkel when talking about 2021. It was the second time this week that Biden mentioned speaking to a European leader who died years ago.

During his televised inaugural address to Democrats on Thursday, Biden again made two minor quibbles. “I said, ‘I’m going to be president for everybody, whether you live in a red state or a green state,'” Biden said, not in a “red or blue” state. And Roe v. Instead of saying Wade, the landmark Supreme Court. In the lawsuit, Biden called it “Roe v. Word.”

But after these public statements, Biden held a question-and-answer period behind closed doors with Democratic lawmakers, which received favorable reviews.

“He did very well in that debate with members,” Rep. Susan Wild, D-Pa., a top GOP target this fall, told NBC News. “He’s very sharp, has no memory problems and his only stumbling block is going over words consistent with a lifelong speech impediment.”

Rep. Susan DelBene of Washington, D-Washington, said some Democrats face tough races. the front linesHe may campaign with Biden, others may not.

“So we expect candidates to campaign based on what they think is right for their region. … Each of these districts is very different,” DelBene said.

One of Biden’s closest allies answered a question about whether he is worried about young and black voters getting involved with Biden.

“When I talk to those young people, they’re all rooting for Joe Biden. And I hear he’s losing his youth vote. I can hear him losing his Black voice. South Carolina increased black primary turnout by 30%. And Joe Biden came out with 96% of the vote,” Assistant Democratic Leader Jim Clyburn, D.C., told reporters at the issues conference.

“The proof is in the pudding,” added the 83-year-old longtime South Carolina congressman.

After the Republican leaders abandoned This week, the Senate has indicated that it is considering taking up the border agreement, the Biden administration enforcement action U.S. officials told NBC News that record illegal immigration has been halted across the southern border.

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