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Senate expected to vote on Ukraine and Israel aid after GOP blocked border bill

By 37ci3 Feb8,2024

On Thursday, the Senate is expected to next consider a bill on providing aid to Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan House Republicans rejected it bipartisan border security and foreign assistance bill.

The vote, scheduled for Thursday afternoon, is a procedure on whether to withdraw the foreign aid package and requires at least 60 votes for approval. If the motion is successful, the chamber must receive additional votes to bring the bill to the House floor.

The Senate blocked the border bill by a 49-50 vote Wednesday afternoon. After initially pushing for tougher border provisions in the bill, Republicans scrapped the deal, saying it would not do enough to combat record high migrant crossings at the southern border.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., is now moving forward with a standalone Israel and Ukraine aid package without border security provisions, and Senate Republicans were meeting Thursday morning to figure out how they want to proceed.

Hours before Senate Republicans blocked a bipartisan border security bill, Schumer spoke to Democrats about his plans to push an additional aid package without border security provisions. He expected a procedural vote on the bipartisan border security bill to fail and planned to hold another 60-vote vote on an additional aid package that would include aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.

In addition to foreign aid, the reduced package would include provisions targeting fentanyl trafficking, a Senate Democratic aide told NBC News.

The new foreign aid bill was met with skepticism by Senate Republicans during a Wednesday breakfast, three sources in the room told NBC News.

House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., did not say whether he would allow the bill to come up for a vote Wednesday, saying, “We’ll see what the Senate does.”

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