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Fulton County cyberattack investigated for possible connection to Trump election case

By 37ci3 Jan31,2024

ATLANTA – Officials investigating the latest cyber attack Fulton County government systems are trying to determine if there is any connection to the former president’s election interference Donald Trump A county official familiar with the situation in Georgia said.

The official said that there is no proof of the connection yet.

A spokeswoman for the district attorney said the hack did not affect materials related to the case against Trump or more than a dozen other defendants. Fanny Willis‘office.

District attorney’s office spokeswoman Pallavi Bailey said in a statement that the Trump case material is “uncompromised and stored in a separate, highly secure system designed to make any unauthorized access extremely difficult or impossible.”

County employees were notified Monday morning of the outage, which affects all state offices, including the district attorney’s office. The cyber attack took place over the weekend and many systems were still down on Tuesday.

“We can confirm that the outage of the Odyssey system and other systems has dramatically impacted the operations of the DA’s office,” Bailey said.

“The Atlanta Police Department is not sending or opening emails from us out of concern for their systems,” Bailey said, adding that 85% of the district attorney’s caseload is from police department cases.

A spokeswoman for the FBI’s Atlanta office said Monday it was aware of the “incident with Fulton County IT” and was “in contact with them.”

It was Trump and his numerous allies was charged last year He is charged with serious crimes in connection with attempts to cancel the results of the 2020 presidential elections in Georgia. Trump has been hit with racketeering and conspiracy charges. He pleaded not guilty.

Blayne Alexander reported from Atlanta and Megan Lebovitz reported from Washington

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