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Georgia Senate approves resolution to establish panel to investigate Fani Willis

By 37ci3 Jan27,2024

The Republican-led Georgia Senate on Friday passed a resolution to create a committee to investigate the prosecutor who opened the criminal case. election interference case Against former President Donald Trump and 18 other defendants last year.

One 30-19 vote Passing along party lines, the state Senate has approved legislation authorizing a special committee to investigate Fulton County District Attorney Fannie Willis. allegations of wrongdoing.

The alleged misconduct “included the continued expenditure of substantial public funds to hire a special assistant district attorney with whom District Attorney Willis had and may still have an ongoing romantic relationship.” image capability states.

Under the resolution, the panel would consist of no more than nine members, including at least three Democrats.

“The powers and duties of this committee are limited to addressing questions, claims, and potential remedies related to either appropriations of public funds or potential changes in law that may occur while the Senate research committee conducts its work,” he said. Republican Senator Greg Dolezal said on the floor of the Senate on Friday.

Democratic members of the state Senate criticized their Republican colleagues for creating a special committee that would “get into bedroom politics.”

“We have a system. Let it play,” said state Sen. David Lucas. “Let it not be based on allegations. Let it come out. We have a system to deal with it.”

Michael Roman’s attorneys accused Willis of having an “inappropriate” romantic relationship with special prosecutor Nathan Wade in a lawsuit this month seeking to dismiss charges against him in the election interference case.

Roman’s attorneys claimed that Willis and Wade traveled together to destinations including Napa Valley and were seen together in private around Atlanta.

A court filing last week that included credit card statements showed that Wade had bought plane tickets for Willis for trips together.

A spokeswoman for the district attorney’s office declined to comment Friday.

The allegations have prompted other investigations, including by Fulton County Board of Commissioners Bob Ellis, who said in a statement last week that he would conduct a “full investigation” into the allegations.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee is presiding over the case set a hearing on February 15 date related to claims.

Republican state representative Charles Byrd also introduced articles of impeachment against Willis in the Georgia lower house on Friday.

“From the day she was elected, Fannie Willis has brought shame to the criminal justice system in Fulton County and our state,” Byrd said. he said.

Willis last week accused Wade’s estranged wife, Joycelyn Wade, of “obstructing and interfering” with their business. She is seeking a protective order to quash the subpoena for her deposition in the divorce proceedings.

Trump tried to use the allegations this week The charges against him were dismissed in Georgiaaddressed the alleged romantic relationship in a filing with his lawyer on Thursday.

Truly Social post Addressing Willis’ alleged relationship with Wade on Friday, Trump reiterated that Willis “must be forced to stop the prosecution immediately.”

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