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Haley ramps up attacks and fundraising

By 37ci3 Jan26,2024

Former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley is stepping up her attacks and fundraising efforts against Trump as she continues her presidential campaign.

NBC’s Sarah Dean reports from South Carolina that Haley will attend Wednesday’s rally there “He’ll ditch his usual stump speech and go straight after the former president “Bring it on, Donald,” he said of Trump, who urged him to debate.

Dean also says that for the first time, the Haley campaign tried to capitalize on Trump’s attacks on her, selling T-shirts referring to Trump’s social media post that Haley donors will be “permanently banned from MAGA camp.”

Haley’s campaign also announced Thursday that it has raised $2.6 million since the New Hampshire primary, including $1.2 million in online contributions after Trump’s social media post.

Haley’s attacks on Trump include LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, one of the major donors to his super PAC Reconsider the decision to stop helping fund a pro-Haley groupAccording to Reuters.

Super PAC, SFA Fund Inc. also announced this It collected 50.1 million dollars During the last six months of 2023, NBC’s Ali Vitali reported that pro-Trump super PAC MAGA Inc. He earned 46 million dollars, according to Politico. Fundraising reports must be submitted to the Federal Election Commission on January 31.

In other campaign news…

A big dig: Infrastructure projects implemented during his presidency, Biden nudged Trump“In my eyes, instead of an infrastructure week, America is experiencing an infrastructure decade,” he said.

Not to visit: The Arizona GOP’s “freedom festival” event on Friday was canceled after Trump pulled out of the event. removed from the event, NBC News’ Von Hillyard reports. The news came the next day the chairman of the provincial party has resigned Among the revelations, he offered Republican Senate hopeful Kari Lake job opportunities in exchange for sitting out the 2024 term.

Deep Dive: Enter The New York Times How the Trump campaign secured decisive victories In Iowa and New Hampshire.

Trump trial update: Former president briefly led to the witness stand Thursday in a damages trial in E. Jean Carroll’s defamation case against her. He is expected to appear in court on Friday for closing arguments. In Georgia, Trump’s team is calling the charges brought against him should be dropped over allegations of an inappropriate romantic relationship between Fulton County District Attorney Fanny Willis and a special prosecutor.

Let’s move on to: NBC News correspondent Natasha Korecki reports The Democratic National Committee is launching new ads in South Carolina and Nevada It aims to target communities of color, rural areas and potential young adults ahead of Democratic nomination contests there. Meanwhile, the New York Times reports on the liberal group MoveOn plans to spend $32 million mobilizing supporters in seven key states this fall (six presidential states and Ohio, where the key Senate race is held).

Isn’t he: The New York Times reports on the months-long saga of the Montana GOP Senate primary. Matt Rosendale approaches to a bid that would pit him against party favorite Tim Sheehy. Sheehy and the Senate GOP campaign arm has fallen new announcement Thursday It links Democratic Sen. John Tester to the Biden administration, while a Democratic-affiliated super PAC is on the way. New ad attacking SheehyAccording to AdEffect.

Take sides: Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., took part in the GOP primary for Ohio’s 9th District, GOP supports state Rep. Derek MerryAccording to Politico.

Between the lines: A Deadline for new congressional map of New York It’s fast approaching, and according to Politico, questions persist about whether the process can be stalled. Supreme Court in the State of Florida agreed to hear a challenge to the state’s congressional map.

Party Time: The Michigan Republican Party struggling with a leadership crisisChairman Christina Karamo refused to resign even though she was ousted earlier this month, according to NBC’s Henry Gomez.

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