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Haley hits the trail — and targets Trump

By 37ci3 Jan19,2024

Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley swept New Hampshire ahead of Tuesday’s primary with her campaign pulling back. criticizes that he is not so active in the last part.

NBC’s Allan Smith and Sarah Dean from the Granite State report that Haley’s campaign has estimated she will make 30 appearances in the final week of the race, and on Thursday Haley also took questions from voters and the media for the first time in days.

Dean reveals that Haley has too criticized former president Donald Trump After directing much of his anger in Iowa at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, he blamed the former president for recent GOP losses. Haley dodged a question about whether Trump could lead the country if he were a criminal, saying, “I’m going to beat him, so we’re never going to have to deal with, ‘Are we going to elect somebody else. Is he guilty?'”

But one of Haley’s challenges in taking on Trump in New Hampshire is relying on independent voters, as unaffiliated voters can participate in the primary of their choice. The New York Times investigates Haley’s challenge to these voterswrites that they “come in all shapes and stripes, and most of them are not open to it.”

In other campaign news…

Bet on Trump: Nevada Republican Governor Joe Lombardo told the Nevada Independent after initially signaling he would not take sides in the presidential race. he would vote for Trump. Lombardo said he announced his choice because “the race is over.”

Making his claim: Trump’s lawyers filed a brief with the Supreme Court on Thursday ensuring his claim remains on Colorado’s primary ballot, NBC’s Lawrence Hurley. About 180 Republicans, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, signed on Amicus brief supporting Trump’s case to the high court, the Washington Post reports.

More Trump tests: Trump himself wrote on the social network Presidents “must have complete and total presidential immunity,” Thursday. And the writer E. Jean Carroll took the podium Thursday to testify in a defamation case against Trump in which he was found liable by a separate jury last year for sexual abuse and defamation.

Stay: Asked if he had the resources to stay in the race after Super Tuesday, DeSantis told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt: “Yes, 100%” According to NBC’s Alec Hernández.

To join the Yang gang: Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Young on Thursday Endorsed Minnesota Representative Dean Phillips for PresidentAccording to NBC’s Nnamdi Egwuonwu.

In search of investigation: The nonprofit group No Labels is considering a third-party presidential ticket if the two major party candidates are Biden and Trump. Among the Democratic groups, he sent a letter to the Justice Department alleging a racketeering conspiracy. He is trying to stop his 2024 campaign.

He returned: Former Rep. Justin Amash, who famously left the Republican Party to become an independent and voted to impeach Trump in 2019, said Thursday. He is considering running for the Senate as a Republican In Michigan’s open seat.

Abortion on the ballot: A coalition of groups in Missouri began gathering signatures Thursday In order to amend the ballot at the end of this year NBC’s Adam Edelman reports that enshrining abortion rights in state constitutions.

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