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Eyes on November: Next stop, New Hampshire

By 37ci3 Jan18,2024

Republican presidential candidates exited Iowa with a bang after Monday’s caucuses, with just one week left until Tuesday’s Granite State primary in New Hampshire.

NBC’s Matt Dixon, Natasha Korecki and Jonathan Allen lay out their stake ahead of the New Hampshire primary. DeSantis is in “survival mode.” Florida Gov. Nikki Haley, a former ambassador to the United Nations, and former President Donald Trump are opting to focus more on South Carolina as DeSantis and allies speak in New England, where they hope Haley’s loss will boost his campaign.

Haley declined to directly answer whether New Hampshire was a must-win, telling NBC News’ Emma Barnett that the Granite State needed to “step up.” Haley campaigned with GOP Gov. Chris Sununu on Tuesday and held a town hall in Bretton Woods, Barnett and NBC’s Greg Hyatt report.

According to NBC’s Katherine Koretsky, Trump held his own campaign event at Atkinson, where entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy joined him on stage after endorsing the former president (and the crowd cheered “Veep” as Ramaswamy finished his speech).

DeSantis left for New Hampshire on Tuesday after a first campaign in South Carolina. His The only public event in the Granite State was canceled due to bad weather, according to NBC’s Alec Hernández, but DeSantis attended a CNN town hall from New Hampshire.

In other campaign news…

Not controversial: ABC He canceled his primary debate in New Hampshire It was originally scheduled for Thursday after DeSantis became the only candidate to commit to attending. Haley said she would attend if Trump agreed.

Under pressure: Haley’s donors are pressuring him to beat Trump in New Hampshireor at least be very competitive, reports CNBC’s Brian Schwartz.

Trump’s trial: Trump visited New York before heading to New Hampshire to participate in jury selection in his libel damages trial According to NBC’s Adam Reiss and Dareh Gregorian, writer E. Jean Carroll is involved. Trump Carroll was indicted for sexual abuse last year.

Asa, it came out: After a poor showing in the Iowa caucuses, former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson announced Tuesday that he ends his run for presidentAccording to NBC’s Jillian Frankel.

Party Time: “The New York Times” writes that Robert Kennedy Jr.’s attempt to get on the ballot as an independent candidate leading him to try to form his own political party in several states.

Voting problems: Multiple In Ohio, transgender candidates face challenges in their efforts to qualify for the ballot after not using their former names in their petitions.

Two ways forward: NBC News’ Allan Smith shares the story of two Republican caucuses in Michigan and Pennsylvania. and how their paths diverged After losses in the 2022 midterm elections.

Rebuilding the GOP: NBC News’ Chuck Todd Explores the most notable changes in Trump’s favor Over the past eight years, the share of caucuses among the GOP, including Iowa, now say Trump “shares their values” more than any other Republican presidential candidate.

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