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Federal prosecutors oppose Hunter Biden’s request to toss gun charges

By 37ci3 Jan17,2024

On Tuesday, government prosecutors a the end effhert Hunter Biden’s federal dismissal by his lawyers weapons charges given against him based on selective and retaliatory prosecution, with the special counsel’s office calling these arguments “baseless.”

Special counsel David Weiss said in a statement to the court that prosecutors had Biden movement “provides no evidence to support his claim that the Executive Branch, led by his father, President Biden, and the Justice Department, led by his father’s appointed Attorney General, authorized the prosecution by the US Attorney and the special counsel. “The wrong political goal”.

Prosecutors went on to say that “the charges in this case are not fictional or because of former President Trump – they are the result of the defendant’s own choices and are brought in spite of, not because of, any extraneous noise made by politicians. .”

They said Biden’s 2021 memoir “made numerous incriminating statements about his years of drug use, including the time he bought and owned the gun.”

Attorneys for Hunter Biden did not immediately respond to requests for comment Tuesday. A spokesman for the special prosecutor’s office said, “There will be no further comment/details beyond what has been made available to the public.”

In September, Hunter Biden was hit with a three-count indictment for possession of a weapon while using drugs. he begged not guilty to the charges.

Prosecutors also claimed Tuesday that it wasn’t until last year that “investigators observed a white powdery substance” while taking photos of Hunter Biden’s gun, removing “sealed evidence” from a state police storage facility believed to be in Delaware. In October 2018, a brown leather bag containing the defendant’s firearm was later analyzed and determined to be cocaine.

Attorneys for Hunter Biden asked a federal judge in Delaware last month to dismiss the gun charges, arguing that their client was the victim of “selective and vindictive harassment.”

Abbe Lowell, a lawyer for the president’s son, argued that the investigation has been “tainted by politics” since it began under the Trump administration.

Weiss a A Trump appointee Due to the sensitive nature of the investigation conducted by the Department of Justice against a member of the president’s family, he was retained by Attorney General Merrick Garland as the US attorney for the state of Delaware.

The December filing was one of several motions Hunter Biden’s attorneys filed in September to dismiss the felony gun charges brought by Weiss.

In another movementHunter Biden’s lawyers had argued that a previous deal with prosecutors granted him immunity.

Federal prosecutors disputed that claim in a separate filing on Tuesday, arguing that the agreement in question was invalid because it was not signed by the US Probation Department.

In a third filing Tuesday, prosecutors said they submitted more than 1.2 million pages of documents, as well as “additional electronic evidence from the defendant’s Apple iCloud account and a copy of data from the defendant’s laptop” that they intend to use in the case.

Hunter Biden was also indicted on nine counts in California last month tax related payments, including three felonies. he begged not guilty to those charges last week.

House Republicans have targeted Hunter Biden in the impeachment inquiry against his father. Recently, the president’s son defied the call of congress required a closed deposit. His lawyers informed about this last week would follow If House Republicans had issued a new subpoena.

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