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Sen. Bob Menendez and his wife seek separate trials in bribery case

By 37ci3 Jan16,2024

Sen. Bob Menendez, DN.J.and his wife on Monday asked a judge to allow them to be tried separately in the bribery case.

Menendez and his wife, Nadine Menendez, were charged in September allegedly received “hundreds of thousands of dollars”. in exchange for enriching three New Jersey businessmen from the senator’s influence and benefiting the Egyptian government, indictment appealed to the Manhattan federal court. Menendez, his wife and the businessmen have pleaded not guilty to the charges.

On Monday, the senator and his wife filed separate motions to separate their courts.

Menendez’s lawyers said in their speech move to cut he “intends to plead (in part) that his wife Nadine lacked requisite knowledge of many of his conduct and statements.”

“With this defense, Sen. Menendez’s legal team may actually have to argue that any wrongdoing was caused by the actions of others (including Nadine) and not by the Senator — and unbeknownst to either of us,” his attorneys said.

They argued that the Democratic senator would face a “Catch-22” scenario if the joint trial were to proceed, forcing “Senator Menendez to make an impossible and prejudicial choice between testifying on his own behalf and using the spousal privilege to avoid being turned over.” through cross-examination as a witness against his partner.”

Attorneys for Nadine Menendez argued in a separate motion It said Monday that a joint trial would “undoubtedly undermine Ms. Menendez’s right to a fair trial.” Nadine’s attorneys said in their motion that a joint trial would likely demonstrate “irreconcilable conflict between the spouses” and that “it would be unfair to require either spouse to sacrifice their right to full testimony or their ability to defend themselves.” privacy of privileged marital intercourse.”

The accusations The charges Menendez and his wife face include conspiracy to commit bribery, honest services fraud and conspiracy to commit extortion. The couple allegedly received “cash, gold bars, home mortgage payments, compensation for poor or no work, a luxury car and other valuables.”

They are and three New Jersey businessmen pleaded not guilty for corruption charges.

Menendez temporarily resigned After being accused, he worked as the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee.

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