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House Republicans to issue new subpoenas for Hunter Biden in coming weeks

By 37ci3 Jan14,2024

Republicans on the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees said Sunday they will issue new subpoenas for President Joe Biden’s son. Hunter Biden after his lawyer said he would comply with a congressional subpoena if the legislators come up with something “newly appropriate”..

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, said new subpoenas will be issued to Hunter Biden in the coming weeks. letter Sunday to Hunter Biden’s attorney Abbe Lowell.

Comer and Jordan argued that the original subpoenas seeking his behind closed doors deportation were “legally and legally enforceable” and again criticized his opposition to the subpoenas. Hunter Biden’s legal team has argued that their client will only testify in public. On the day of his scheduled closed deposition last month, Hunter Biden made public remarks outside the Capitol without taking any questions.

GOP-led committees Last week, the full House of Representatives voted to formally recommend Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress for defying the subpoena in the impeachment inquiry against his father. A few hours before the contempt resolutions passed by the parties, the son of the president made a brief surprise during the observation of the Control Committee.

After Republicans voted to recommend that Hunter Biden be held in contempt, his lawyer said in a letter to Comer and Jordan on Friday that he would comply with the congressional subpoena. “new fit”.

“If you issue a new proper subpoena, now that there is a properly authorized impeachment inquiry, Mr. Biden will respond for a hearing or a deposition. We will accept such a subpoena on behalf of Mr. Biden,” Lowell wrote.

Lowell said the subpoenas were “legally void” because they were issued before the House voted last month to authorize an impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden.

In a letter sent Sunday, Comer and Jordan wrote that Lowell’s claim that the subpoenas were “legally invalid” is “inaccurate and unpersuasive.”

They said their committees had “sufficiently explained the legislative intent” to support the subpoenas to the president’s son and argued that there was “no legal basis” for him to oppose them.

“His behavior towards the House was abusive. His defiance of the subpoenas was willful and flagrant,” Comer and Jordan wrote. “His requirements to testify only in public are, as we have explained, inconsistent with the practice of these Committees on this matter, as well as with the experience of Congressional Committees in recent Congresses.” While we welcome Mr. Biden’s public testimony at the appropriate time, he, like any witness before the Committees, must appear to testify in accordance with House Rules and the Committees’ rules and practices.”

“The committees welcome Mr. Biden’s willingness to testify in the deposition under subpoena,” they said. “While the committee’s subpoenas are legal and legally enforceable, as an accommodation to Mr. Biden and at your request, we are prepared to issue subpoenas compelling Mr. Biden to testify at a new date in the coming weeks.”

Hunter Biden and House Republicans have been locked in a month-long dispute over Republican cooperation in the sweeping impeachment inquiry against the president. Comer and Jordan have alleged that the president’s son was involved in foreign business deals linked to his father, but Republicans have not provided direct evidence to support their claims that the president’s son personally benefited from the business deals.

The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote this week to hold Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress for failing to comply with congressional subpoenas. In an op-ed to X on Friday, Majority Leader Steve Scalise, R-La., said, “Next week the House will vote to hold Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress for repeatedly defying the calls. Enough of his stunts. He can’t play by a different set of rules. He is not above the law.”

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