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I’ve written a massive body of work in the years I’ve written full time but here are some of my treasured pieces

Long Form

15 February 2017 The Rise of Southeast Asian Chocolatiers
A small band of Southeast Asia-based chocolate makers is turning the $100 billion chocolate industry on its head — by producing world class chocolate bars from locally grown cocoa beans.
19 September 2016 How Les Amis Grew From A Single Restaurant Into A Regional Dining Empire
We chat with Desmond Lim, Les Amis Group’s famously media-shy chairman, to find out the key to the group’s string of successes.
18 October 2016 Why a Foraging Restaurant in Singapore is a Surprisingly Viable Concept
These chefs are keen to prove that a full-service foraging restaurant in Singapore is feasible and are reviving forgotten flavours to boot.
12 November 2014 The Crown Beneath Our Feet
Australian-grown truffles are mushrooming in global restaurants, but how did it get there? View print version here.

Other stories

15 June 2017 Why Restaurants Still Cook Their Own Staff Meals At The Expense of Time And Effort
It’s all about team bonding and reducing wastage at these two restaurants.
25 May 2017 How Chefs’ Charity Efforts Impact A Country’s Restaurant Scene
Putting a heart into the profession rather than just on hot griddles.
19 January 2014 On Solid Ground
On Solid Ground How much of a deal should we make about terroir? Azimin Saini discuss whether advertising gimmicks are getting in the way of honest voices, or if wine’s most esoteric quality is also its most obvious.


I’ve produced a range of videos with varying storytelling modes, some of which includes sponsored videos for clients.

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