About me
I’m Zee, a food writer and editor based in Singapore and Paris. I’m a full-time journalist (see below) but this is my personal site where I write and think about all matters related to the culinary world with a slant towards Southeast Asia. Expect a smattering of recipes, newsy pieces and maybe the odd feature here and there. The aim? To dive into the region’s food culture and history before swimming back up into its contemporary restaurant scene. If you’re looking for a sample of my work, click here.

About my career
As a journalist, I’ve worked in most of Singapore’s media companies in well-regarded publications ranging from Michelin Guide Singapore and Hong Kong Macau, The Peak and Style: Men. My work is spread across both the print and digital sphere and I’m able to switch effortlessly between the long languorous reads of a magazine as well as SEO-optimised web pieces written in a breathless pace. I’ve also participated as a speaker at Ubud Food Festival and reported for international events like the World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

I’m currently the Editor of Lifestyle Asia Singapore and recently founded Tempeh Culture, a small plant-based food business. As a journalist, I’ve covered food, fashion, travel, grooming, culture and even dabbled in jewellery and beauty. Day to day, I oversee operations of the editorial floor and decide the overall direction of the digital publication. My fingers are always on the pulse of the developments in the region’s most vibrant cities where I can contextualise contemporary trends, bringing forward exclusives, insight and quality features to readers.

Despite it all, it’s the movers and shakers that drive the industry forward and I count my blessings to have interviewed everyone from CEOs to A-list celebrities to international chefs at the vanguard of gastronomy. Particularly fond memories? Speeding out to the southern borders of Singapore and interviewing a fish farmer on a sampan as well as a 10th generation Korean soy sauce maker who managed to save her family’s techniques even through brutal wars. Join me at the dining table for more precious stories.