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Sen. JD Vance says he has ‘not gotten the call’ from Trump asking to be his VP

By 37ci3 Jul7,2024

Sen. JD Vance, R-Ohio, On Sunday, former President Donald Trump said he had not spoken to him about joining his campaign as his vice presidential pick.

“Did you get a call from Donald Trump? Did he ask you to be his assistant?” moderator Kristen Welker asked Vance during an interview on NBC News’ “Meet the Press.”

Vance, who’s there? Trump’s short list He said he hasn’t “received the call” for potential running mates, but will alert the media if it happens.

“If I get a call, we will inform the media,” he said. “But most importantly, we’re trying to elect Donald Trump. “Whoever is his vice president, he has a lot of good people to choose from.”

In the interview, Vance also defended Trump’s recent statements regarding the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate President Joe Biden and his family if he wins a second term.

“I wonder how much the media and the Democrats have lost their minds over this particular quote,” he said. “Donald Trump is talking about appointing a special prosecutor to investigate Joe Biden for wrongdoing. Joe Biden has done just that over the past few years, and more than that, to engage in a legal campaign against his political opposition. “I think Donald Trump is just saying that we should investigate the previous administration.”

Vance, an Ohio Republican, is among three Republican senators Trump’s short list for his fellow worker and emerged as one best finalist Along with North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, sources told NBC News.

Rubio similarly said during an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” that Trump has not made a decision on his vice presidential pick.

After host Dana Chief pointed out that the Constitution’s presidential electors cannot vote for a president and vice president from the same state — creating potential conflicts for Rubio and Trump, who are both Florida residents — he asked if Rubio would vote. If Trump picks him as his running mate, be prepared to move to another state or resign his Senate seat.

Rubio dismissed the idea, saying it was “contempt” and that he had “no idea” who Trump would choose as his running mate.

Pressed again on whether Bash had considered the possibility of leaving Florida or the Senate if Trump was elected, Rubio said he still thought it was “presumptuous to talk publicly about any of those things” because Trump hasn’t. decision.

“When he makes those decisions, whoever he picks, there’s going to be conversations about who he picks,” he said. “But we’re not there yet. But we will be there soon one way or another.”

VanceAppearing frequently on news programs and chairing several Trump fundraisers, she has distinguished herself from other Trump VP candidates with a record of aligning herself with key policies largely supported by the MAGA voter base.

He also won the open support of Donald Trump Jr., the former president’s eldest son.

Time Trump’s vice president’s announcement was delayed after Biden’s poor performance in the debate stage lsources familiar with the discussions told NBC News last month. There was Trump signaled He said a decision on the candidate will be announced closer to the Republican National Convention, which begins on July 15 in Milwaukee.

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