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Growing number of congressional Democrats call on Biden to step aside

By 37ci3 Jul7,2024

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    A growing number of Democrats in Congress are calling for Biden to step aside


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    Israel says potential ceasefire talks “could last several weeks”.


  • ‘There will be no honeymoon’: Keir Starmer is Britain’s first Labor Prime Minister in 14 years

    12:04 p.m

  • Biden in Wisconsin: ‘I’ll stay in the race’


  • Advocacy groups collect ‘historic signatures’ to put abortion rights on Arizona ballot


  • The Democratic congressman wants to “make sure” Biden is “capable” of doing the job


  • Democrats are voicing concerns about Biden as the congressman calls on him to step down


  • Kornacki: New national poll shows Harris is doing better than Biden in a matchup with Trump


  • Kornacki: New poll suggests Biden’s debate performance fueled concerns about his age


  • President Biden feels ‘humiliated’ after debate performance


  • VP candidate Doug Burgum praises Trump’s debate performance: Full interview

    11:04 a.m

  • Doug Burgum says he will accept the 2024 election results if they are ‘free and fair’


  • Warnock refuses to say whether VP Harris would be the strongest replacement for Biden as a candidate


  • Doug Burgum says that “Roe v. Women are not “safe” after Wade’s overturn


  • Doug Burgum says the VP talks are between him and Trump


  • Warnock says Biden doesn’t need to undergo cognitive test: ‘It’s nothing… I’ve even thought about it’


  • Senator Warnock says Biden should not drop out of the race “completely” after the debate


  • Sen. Warnock defends Biden after tough debate performance: Full interview


  • Biden will address the campaign with his family after a tough debate performance


  • Obama cabinet official: ‘After last night, the possibility of this has decreased [Biden] will win’


President Joe Biden says he’s pulling out all the stops to revive his candidacy after his first debate appearance, says Meet the Press Moderator Kristen Welker. A veteran House Democrat told NBC News that “in many quarters, there is a growing sense that action needs to be taken, and that action is a different candidate.”

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