2018 looks like it’s set to get off to a flying start as chef Darren Teoh, the mastermind behind Kuala Lumpur’s Dewakan will be in town to cook at Nouri with chef Ivan Brehm. This will be for lunch and dinner service on 16 and 17 January 2018.

The two restaurants share very different approaches to food. Dewakan showcases the bounty of Malaysia’s endemic produce teased into dishes with modern techniques while Nouri spotlights crossroads cuisine that bridges commonalities across culinary cultures.

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Even so, a thread unites them: both chefs take a very philosophical approach on the way they cook. Chef Ivan Brehm also sources for many ingredients from Malaysia; vegetables and herbs are from an organic farm in Cameron Highlands while one of the early highlights of the restaurant was pickled nutmeg from a 250-year-old tree in Penang pickled in silken cheese and then candied. Chef Darren Teoh on the other hand is known to work with small producers across the peninsula, from orang asli communities to small independent growers of local herbs.

“In true collaborative spirit, this 4-hands will highlight the flavours and techniques that have made Peninsular Malaysia one of the foundations for Southeast Asian cooking,” reads the promotional email.

Nouri is at 72 Amoy Street, Singapore 069891. Tel: +65 6221 4148. Click here for reservations.

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