Golden oyster mushrooms aren’t as well known as their common (albeit plain) brethren — those large grey ones we all love having in stir fries. Yet, these gorgeous mustard-topped beauties have a unique flavour and when sauteed, gives a crispy, caramelised dimension that’s arguably lightyears ahead their limp cousins.

These aren’t always easy to find, and in Singapore, only Kin Yan Agrotech, a local mushroom grower cultivates and supplies them to select supermarkets. If you’re lucky enough, you might be able to pick up a mushroom growing kit at their booth at the quarterly Kranji Countryside Farmers’ Market.

It takes six days to grow a full head of mushrooms and the good news? The kit will produce mushrooms three to four times as long as you continue utilising the different sides of the growing kit.

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This might seem a little fussy but the end result — that of using freshly harvested mushrooms as opposed to the ones sitting in supermarket pressing their sad faces against the plastic prison — makes it all worth it. At harvest, these golden oyster mushrooms stand tall and proud, like a dozen brass trumpets waiting to belt out a symphony.

Chucking them into stir fries don’t seem to bring out the colour or texture justice. The mushrooms turn soggy when it meets moisture. Instead, grilling them simply with butter truly lets them sing. Have this with a steak at dinner or with hashbrowns and eggs over breakfast. Either way, this recipe is so easy, you only need 10 minutes to whip up a batch and can require as few as just three ingredients if you so desire.

Golden Oyster Mushrooms Sauteed in Butter

Golden Oyster Mushrooms Kin Yan Agrotech
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1 cup of golden oyster mushrooms

1 tbsp butter (Echire butter works best)

A pinch of salt

Pepper (optional)

1 sprig of thyme (optional)

1 wedge of lemon (optional)


Turn heat to medium and add butter.

Once butter starts sizzling, add mushrooms

Stir sparingly. The idea to let the mushrooms brown on each side.

Season with salt and pepper

If you’re not adding anymore flavours, this is where it ends. Brown it to your liking.

If not, lower the heat to prevent butter from burning. Tear the leaves from the sprig of thyme and sprinkle over mushrooms. Stir.

Serve with a wedge of lemon if desired. Just a few drops squeezed over the mushrooms will lift the richness of the butter.

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