The global shift towards terroir-sensitive chocolate seems to be gathering momentum this side of the world as Singapore welcomes The Dark Gallery – its very own chocolate specialist showcasing the unique beauty of single origin.

The movement takes after the rise of independent cafes and roasters that tout the distinct flavour profiles between coffee beans.

The Dark Gallery - Bean to Bar Craft Chocolate (Single Origin 70% Dark Chocolate Tanzania with Cacao Nibs & Maldon Sea Salt)

That’s no different at The Dark Gallery. The aim here – if you ask us – is to bring the appreciation of fine chocolate to the masses, as for too long, the hard work of single origin suppliers and chocolatiers are kept to a niche audience. It helps that prices are kept affordable, well within average café pricing and easily accessible in Millennia Walk and the approach is distinctly casual.

Here, both everyday chocolate lovers and dark chocolate sophisticates will find common ground as it caters to tastebuds of every stripe: from white chocolate macarons ($3) to a serving of three single origin dark chocolate flavours that come complete with tasting notes and flavour profiles on a printed sheet ($12).

The Dark Gallery - Single Origin Chocolate Pastries Platter

The latter is part of an entire section of the menu devoted to Single Origin Platters. The Single Origin Chocolate Pastries ($12) is a tray of four bite sized desserts: macarons, tarts, smores and even a trifle with featuring a range of darkness and origin from 64 percent Madagascar dark chocolate to 72 percent Venezuela dark chocolate.

If that’s not enough chocolate, there’s a good selection of drinks made from melted Valrhona dark chocolate couverture that flows from a tap at a corner of the counter. This is whipped into delicious drinkable chocolates like the Chocolate Cube Hazelnut Latte ($9) where frozen cubes of chocolate are served with steamed milk and a hazelnut espresso. They’re served on a tray separately so guests get to choose the amounts of each that go into their final drink.

The Dark Gallery is at #01-K5, Millenia Walk.

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